One-to-one consultations £55 / hour £82.50 / 90 mins. £110 / 2 hours
Chamber Music £55 / hour £82.50 / 90 mins. £110 / 2 hours
Group lessons £20 per person 3 persons: 1 hour
4 persons: 75 mins
5 persons: 90 mins

Group lessons are particularly useful in preparation for auditions, for any kind of examination or as a preparation for performance. Depending on the level of players the group lesson consists of 10-15 minutes warm-up exercises, following which each individual player plays in front of the “class”. The focus is on expectations, positive and negative aspects of the performance, and how to improve and achieve your goals. These classes can also focus on specific technical or musical aspects, and on how to approach and achieve them.

It is up to you to organize the other participants of the “group”.