“My lessons with Peter were enjoyable as well as hard work since we always aspired to finding solutions to problems in a relaxed but intense manner. His methods were concerned with thinking outside the box and he always talked about experimenting with different options, to understand the importance of being able to teach oneself. He would be adamant that I prepared thoroughly for lessons and came with a score of the music. What was written by the composer was essential to Peter and understanding what we were trying to achieve for a performance was of core value.
In my opinion Peter’s aptitude for teaching the mechanics of violin playing is one of the finest I have experienced. Furthermore his wonderful understanding of complex and contemporary music was invaluable as a musician and it has given me great joy to be able to have lessons with Peter.”
Willem Mathlener
Freelance violinist, violist, currently with the Stavanger Symphony Orchestra

“I have shared several students with Peter, and have always been hugely impressed by his ability to individualise and make clear both musical and technical issues, and also to believe in his students, making them feel emboldened and encouraged. I feel that the individuality of the students in his class is testimony to his ability to bring out their strengths, and the way in which he encourages them to be open to advice from other colleagues another sign of his respect for others.”
Scott Dickinson
Section Principal Viola, BBC SSO, Member of staff, School of Strings, RCS

“Peter was able through his knowledge and teaching style to get my playing up to a very high standard. I was subsequently successful at my audition and trial and was awarded a job with the BBCSSO. I believe Peter to be a truly inspiring string teacher.”
Mary Ward
BBC SSO rank and file viola

“During my studies I learned a great deal from Peter, who is a fantastic musician and violin teacher. He knows how to deal with students of different backgrounds and abilities. He gives his students space and freedom to develop as individual musicians, guiding them very carefully and giving the most valuable advice. Having studied with many professors in institutions in different countries, I consider Peter to be one of the best teachers.”
Ani Batikian
Freelance violinist, soloist and chamber musician 

“Thanks for another inspiring lesson – almost starting to find Dont studies fun now that you’ve encouraged me to come up with new ways to practise them!:)”
Heather Kennedy
Freelance violinist and chamber musician

“I have enjoyed learning with Peter as a student, a chamber musician and now as a young professional.
Peter has a holistic approach to playing an instrument, with musical interpretation at the core. He encourages his students to think harmonically, invent exercises to overcome challenges and be at ease with their instrument.
Peter’s energy and interest in finding new ways to approach and describe playing music is both infectious and inspiring.”
Kirsty Orton Violinist,
Scottish Opera and freelance